Unable to learn


I am having a very difficult time learning to create apps using swift. I of course can follow the step by step that are in the lesson but when it’s time for me to do one of the challenges I don’t even know we’re to start. I don’t know what is creating this learning block but I am very frustrated and need some advise on how to get past this an learn to create apps using swift.

Please provide me with resources or methods to learn how to create apps, I have great ideas that I can not create until I learn to develop apps.



Okay, don’t stress thats the best way to learn… There is no resources other the tutorials you will understand as this may be too complex for you.

First take it slowly and follow the tutorials, if you can’t figure out the solutions look at the answers and see how you would do it differently or where you might have gone wrong.

At first, it will be difficult for new users as you won’t understand the syntax and the Object Oriented Programming aspect which Swift heavily uses.

Follow the tutorial and challenge yourself, maybe changing a layout to different colour will make you think what code is doing what, at this stage you are still learning the concepts of programming.

If need any help just post here, you should take your time and understand it and then move on to the next tutorial…


I was having the same problems for a while.
I found that it was easier for me to soak it all up if I started to work on an app and use the tutorials as references, as opposed to doing the lessons and then trying to use that knowledge to build an app.
Example: I made a calculator app of sorts to make my job a little faster and easier (it calculates the output using a coded algorithm instead of me having to make 6-7 calculations on a calculator, the app makes it 1 button and it runs the calculations behind the scenes instantly).
When trying to follow the lessons and make the app later I found myself confused, forgetful of important steps etc.
So I started planning the app and then found the tutorials I would need and implemented my code as I watched Paul wrote his own.
Well this doesn’t really make sense reading back what I wrote, I hope you understand what I am trying to say.
Implement your code using the same “methods” as Paul is implementing his but change the variables, strings etc to what you need for your app.
That should help you relate and remember it better, it did for me anyway.

Sorry for the dodgy explanation, I tried :stuck_out_tongue:


What lessons have you completed?

It takes some time to get used to thinking in code.

Going through the motions – typing the code I type will help give you the vocabulary that you will eventually use to make your own app ideas.

The challenges are a little hard – look at some of the solutions that other students have published. That will give you a starting place, but it will still take time.

Like @BLINK said – having a simple app idea to work on is a good way to learn. Automate a very simple step-by-step process you do at home (cooking, accounting, etc)


Thanks, for the words of support. I am starting over from the beginning and going back through the excerises. I am working them in projects that I would like to do some day. so by the time i finish the course I will have made most of my app in small modules, that I will have to figure out how to put together, but I will cross that bridge when i get to it.

Thanks all