Video is slightly different than newer Xcode


Hi Paul, I’m not exactly sure why I can’t see the ViewController.h and ViewController.m files. In the video, it did not have a selection for choosing Swift Programming or C+, but the new Xcode has this selection when setting up a new file.


What lesson video link?

You should be using Xcode 6 from the Mac App Store, did you download and install it?


Yes, I downloaded the Xcode 6. The introduction video on making your first iPhone App (Coffee) uses Xcode 5. When setting up a new project in Xcode 5, it not ask you to select between Swift, and Objective-C. For Xcode 6, it does ask you to select between the two. The first time I tried it with Swift, and it did not show ViewController.h & .m. Then, I tried setting up a new project with Objective-C, and it shows ViewController.h &.m. I figured it out. The video using Xcode 5 is just a little different than the new Xcode 6 when it comes to setup.