Video Order Suggestion


Hi Paul,

I’m currently working on the Swift and iOS 8 Apps in 31 Days course and came across an anomaly in the chronological order of the videos.

I was working on video “2.6 Tutorial - Auto Layout for Beginners” and once I was finished I selected the Complete and Continue button to go to the next video (as I had done for previous videos).

The next video began, but references were being made in the next video were confusing because they were addressing new concepts as though I had already completed them.

Turns out that the videos are not listed in the correct order.

If you select Complete and Continue from video 2.6 you are taken to video 2.8. And if you look at all of the videos listed in the sidebar, video 2.8 is listed before video 2.7, which is going to confuse a lot of people that are using Complete and Continue.

Perhaps that order of the videos should be re-arranged chronologically so that students are presented the next video in the proper sequence.