What developer podcasts should I listen to?


Do you know of any podcasts that might be good for beginning developers? -Derek

  1. I listen to:
  1. There’s a curated podcast app called Overcast, from Marco Arment.

    It has an Apple Developer section of tech podcasts.


Great list!

Overcast seems to be waaay better than Apple’s podcast app.

These are my 0.02 cents (focusing on game development), if I may:


That is a really good list. I listen to Iterate and Debug frequently. I have CocoaRadio in my app, but I haven’t listened to it yet. I’ll give it a try.

I use Pocket Casts for my podcast. I liked Overcast, but I thought it lacked in some of the features. I like to stream some of my podcasts to save storage space on my iPhone (I have unlimited data, I know. AT&T is going to have to take that from my cold, dead Kung Fu grip.). Also being able to listen to them before they are completely downloaded is a plus.


Thanks for mentioning Pocket Casts! Overcast is nice, but it does not stream. I don’t like the idea of downloading all the podcasts every time… And I really liked Pocket Casts UI. :slight_smile: