Xcode 7 Simulator Audio Playback Error


I am having trouble playing audio in my simulator. I keep getting the following error. Can anyone assist me in resolving this?


Are you coding on a Mac ? Check your system preferences for Audio Input/Output. Do you have a working mic on the Mac ?


So it turns out that it was my machine that was creating the issue. I reset my macbook and after setting everything back up I tested the app and like magic the sound worked. So I think it may have had to do with the fact that I was using SOUNDFLOWER to record audio directly from my mac. So now i need to find another way to record sound.


The error pretty much points to the fact that the device’s audio port/ recording port are not accessible.
Why? - is a different story :slightly_smiling:


I’ve never had good success with sound flower, it always seems to cause issues.

You might want to check out Sound Siphon: https://staticz.com

Audio playback can be tricky if you try to customize it.

I use Screenflow for my video recordings, and they have an option to record audio from computer, you can export just the audio file from the recording. (Record Computer Audio option)


I will try these options thank.