Xcode account expired after a couple months?


Hi, I’m new to Xcode and Swift.

I went through the 4-part free course. Soon after, I started getting error messages for my Xcode account, apparently because my account has expired?

I’ve only had the account for a couple months, and I have only built two simple apps.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do, re: my Xcode account? Do such accounts need to be renewed somehow? Does a free account only last for 2-3 months normally?

(I wanted to attach a screenshot but I don’t see that option at the moment.)

The 3 error messages are under the heading of “Code Signing Error.”

“There are no accounts registered with Xcode. Add your developer account to Xcode.”

“Provisioning profile… (my profile name) expired on December 23, 2017.”

“Code signing is required for product type ‘Application’ in SDK ‘iOS 11.1.’”

I’m getting these messages despite entering the same email and info that was working fine for a couple months.

  1. Did you try adding/removing your account from Xcode’s Preferences screen?

  2. Try quitting and re-opening Xcode.

  3. Then make sure you Clean your project and rebuild it again.

  4. Change the project build settings for the account to None and back to your new account

Checkout for additional ideas:



^Thanks, my account is now working again. I went through all the steps you listed. My account still wouldn’t work right (re: the password for the account) until I restarted my iMac.

I also messed around with my keychains a bit but I’m not familiar enough to really know what I’m doing with that. I attempted to delete and recreate my log-in keychain, which seemed successful, although my account still wouldn’t work until restarting my iMac. (So I’m not sure if doing this was actually helpful or not, but maybe it helped.)

This is a relief because my account wasn’t working for weeks, and I had gotten a few different error messages during that time.

I’m guessing that I caused these glitches by renaming my iMac a few weeks ago – I named her “Macayla” – which I’m guessing screwed things up with my account.

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Post a new thread with more details if you can’t get your sound effects to work.


I just responded to the thread that branched off from this one, but I’ll copy-paste my response here as well:

I apologize; this turned out to be something different altogether. I’m a new owner of the iPhone 8, and the problem was nothing but that little switch being flipped, on the top-left corner edge of the iPhone. That switch was muting my apps, while my phone still had audio for internet content (and ringer etc.), so it was not obvious that there was a separate volume switch and setting, which was turned off.

It seems that there was never any actual problem with my apps and their sound effects (beyond the account errors that came from renaming my iMac, lol).